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Warren National Park

Warren National Park encompasses some of the southern forests most spectacular virgin karri forest. With some reaching a height of almost 90 metres, the karri trees tower over an enchanting world of lush undergrowth, wildflowers and colourful fungi. The picturesque Warren River meanders through the park, flowing smoothly around the corners and tumbling over rapids. The park is located 14 kilometres south-west of Pemberton and covers over 3,000 hectares.

Heart Break Trail, is a 12 kilometre drive trail that descends into the Warren River valley, following the river for a while before climbing back up the karri-clad slops. This trail was built by hand to clea a path down to the river for firefighters and the name reflects the hardship of the job. The Heartbreak Trail is a one-way and don't forget to stop at the Warren Lookout.

Beedelup National Park

Beedelup National Park was declared an A class Reserve in 1915 and it takes its name from Beedelup Brook, which is thought to be derived from the Nyoongar word "beedja" meaning place of rest or sleep. The park is set in Karri forest where the smooth barked Karri is one of the world's tallest hardwoods. Although the dominant species here is Karri you can view a stand of Marri north of Beeldelup Falls and jarrah is also dotted throughout the park.

The falls, are the major attraction in the park, which are best viewed in Winter and Spring when they are in full flow with Winter rains. Tumbling 100m over granite rocks, the falls five the area its cool, damp character. A boardwalk has been built around the falls, incorporating a suspension bridge at the base.

D'Entrecasteaux National Park

D'Entrecasteaux National Park stretches 130 kilometres along the coast between Augusta and Walpole in the south-west. 118,779 hectare park has long, white beaches and rugged limestone cliffs backed by extensive coastal wetlands and islands of karri forest and granite. Its diversity and size make it one of the most reomote and pristine natural areas of the region.

Yeagarup Dunes are a massive land-locked mobile dune system that is moving slowly inland, swallowing the forest and wetlands in its path. The journey across the dunes is challenging, yet rewarding, with fantastic landscape awaiting you on the other side.